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If you’re looking for a professional German translator who ranks quality and accuracy above all else, you’ve come to the right place. tatjana heckmann : translations specializes in technical, legal and marketing translation in German, English and Italian.

These days, multilingual communication is a key part of any growing business’s strategy. Ask for advice on the most effective way of communicating with your customers and prospects abroad. As a client you will benefit from the many years of experience in business and translation, my in-depth knowledge of  specialist fields, 100 % reliability in meeting your deadlines and a highly efficient, state-of-the-art translation process. tatjana heckmann : translations work in compliance with ISO 17100:2015, the international quality standard for translation service providers. In addition, she is a full member of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators and therefore committed to the Code of Professional Conduct.

Sworn translator for the Hannover District Court

With a background in several European languages and having worked in an international business environment for many years, the translator established her translation business in 1998 and now provide translation services to leading engineering companies and law firms. Tatjana Heckmann is also what we in Germany call a ‘sworn’ translator, which means she has been authorised by the Hannover District Court to provide certified translations for official use. In addition, she is listed at the Italian General Consulate in Hannover, where her sworn translations are being legalised for use in Italy and the Italian authorities.

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Tatjana Heckmann is always available as a personal contact for her clients. This immediate contact ensures that changes during an ongoing project and important information can be communicated efficiently and without loss. Her translations services also include intercultural communication when exchanging business information with foreign companies. The translator not only supports you with her linguistic expertise, but also advises you on the subject of business etiquette so that your next business trip abroad is not affected by cultural misinterpretations.


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