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In Germany, translated documents for official use usually need to be sworn. As a sworn translator for the courts and notaries in the Hannover district court area, I am authorised to produce translations of your certificates and documents that will be accepted in a court of law.

The certificate is legally valid all over Germany. For the use of certified translations abroad, you must also obtain an apostille or legalisation. I will be happy to answer your questions on this topic and support you in the procedure.

Expert translationsTechnology, Law and Communication


For many companies, providing technical documentation in several languages is a given these days. I help you by translating your technical manuals, product descriptions, operating instructions or localizing user interfaces  for  CNC control units.

You need to be confident your technical documentation has been translated accurately. Even the slightest mistake in translation has the potential to cause significant harm. So you need a translator who understands the subject matter and uses precisely the right industry terminology correctly and consistently. I work closely with my clients to ensure the translation process runs smoothly and nothing gets lost in translation.


Besides excellent language skills, it goes without saying that a legal translator needs to have a solid understanding of legal processes. Having studied legal translation and as a sworn translator for the Hannover District Court, I have that understanding. I am authorised to provide certified translations with an official stamp.

I am also accredited by the Italian General Consulate in Hannover, where I have my translations legalised for use in Italy and for the Italian authorities.


Looking to promote your business in other languages? You would like to provide your international subsidiaries with documents in their own language? I can help you communicate with new target markets by localising your website and translating your presentations, marketing materials and media releases.

I have many years of experience in translating marketing texts and a good working knowledge of content management systems such as WordPress. Contact me now to find out how my services can help you.